Blog Post 2

Professor Laura Gowing, a professor in the history department of King’s College in London, specializes in early modern British history. She joined the history department of King’s College in 2002. Professor Gowing is particularly interested in women and gender in England, history of sex and sexuality, history of crime, history of London, and women’s work in early modern England. She uses primarily legal records to study these areas of English history. Her book Common Bodies: Women, Touch and Power in Seventeenth-century England won her the Joan Kelly Memorial Prize given by the American Historical Association.

Her research profile shows that she has published four works since 2009 and sixteen since 2000. All of these works pertain to her scholarly interests of gender and sexuality in early modern Britain.

On her scholarly network, Professor Gowing has forty-nine nodes but only thirty-one show up initially. The thirty-one nodes that show up first are the latest content added to the network, and the other nodes can be seen by clicking “show more.” Most of the nodes are the sixteen published writings included on her research profile and other works she has contributed to, but the occasional person is also included.

Professor Gowing's network

Gowing has her works Introduction and Love, Friendship and Faith in Europe separated as different nodes, but upon closer inspection, these belong to the same work by Professor Gowing. The same two people are even connected to both nodes: Miri Rubin and Michael Hunter. Both are also connected to the node called “history.” Why separate out the introduction from the work it comes from when the nodes connected to it are the same as those of the entire article? Yet, only the introduction is connected to the publisher Palgrave Macmillan’s node, but surely the entire work was published by the same company, so why is only the introduction connected to them? Perhaps the introduction was published separately? If not, this shows a possible error in the network.

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