Blog Post #2: Exploring Scholarly Social Networks


Dr. Sarah Fine is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at King’s College London. Dr. Fine’s research interests are political philosophy, ethics, and the history of political and social philosophy with a specialization in migration and citizenship. She is also interested in theories of justice, the ethics of political violence, democratic theory, nationalism and patriotism, sovereignty, race, ethnicity, feminism, and gender.

Dr. Fine received her undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge, and she received her Masters of Philosophy and Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Oxford. She joined the Department of Philosophy at King’s College London in 2012.

Dr. Fine’s research profile lists 10 publications since 2010 with four of those still in preparation. Her dissertation, Immigration and the Right to Exclude, will soon be published from the Oxford University Press. The publication critically examines the standard view that nations have a moral right to limit immigration. Dr. Fine is also co-editing a book with Dr. Lea Ypi called Migration in Political Theory which too will soon be published from the Oxford University Press.

In addition to understanding Dr. Fine’s research profile, we can also examine her network graph to identify any social network within her field of study. While the network graph provides a visual means for displaying data and identifying connections, we are responsible for interpreting that data and analyzing those connections.

Dr. Fine’s network graph on the research portal contains only 16 nodes. Of these 16, 15 fall under the category of Research Options (the remaining one is her Research Group-Philosophy). Selecting the node that represents a particular book chapter or journal article written by Dr. Fine reveals more information and allows us to see the other external connections.

For instance, selecting the node Migration in Political Theory brings up a specific network graph just for this work. We see that the Publishers node is filled by the Oxford University Press, while Sarah Fine is a Researcher and Lea Ypi is an External Person. But this brings up an interesting question because we know that Dr. Fine and Dr. Ypi are co-editors of Migration in Political Theory. So why does the network graph assign one as the Researcher and the other as an External Person?

The only other person that Dr. Fine has collaborated with according to her original network graph is Andrea Sangiovanni. Dr. Sangiovanni is also part of the Department of Philosophy at King’s. Dr. Fine and Dr. Sangiovanni collaborated on writing a chapter for The Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics entitled “Immigration”.

Dr. Fine’s network graph also shows that she has written multiple journal articles for the same journal. For example she wrote both “Freedom of Association is Not the Answer” and “Avery Kolers, Land, Conflict, and Justice: A Political Theory of Territory” for the journal called Ethics.