Final Project Charter

Goal: Create a timeline of the Shenandoah Literary Magazine for the years that Tom Carter was involved in the editing process that includes the people who contributed to the Magazine with whom he had written correspondence, and explore the influence that Ezra Pound may have had on these connections.



  • Make a DH project using the letters between Tom Carter and Ezra Pound, and old copies of Shenandoah.
  • Each group member fully learns how to use whatever technology we choose to help us accomplish this goal.
  • Actively learn from the process and have a positive attitude about what we are learning
  • Create a deliverable that will be useful to the W&L community in the future
  • Defining and completing a specific, feasible goal
  • Completing all assigned blog posts



  • Maintain a Google doc to manage responsibilities
  • Clearly delegate equal tasks to each group member
  • Speak up and share ideas; or communicate about which tasks you are interested in
  • When in doubt, ask a group member first then the Professors
  • Speak up if you can’t complete something or are having a hard time



  • Do the work you are assigned to do
  • Have a weekly to-do list with agreed-upon responsibilities and tasks


Differences of Opinion

  • Respect other peoples’ opinions
  • Realize that other people will have different opinions than you
  • Majority rules
  • Appeal to authority if everyone disagrees



  • Learn new technical skills
  • Learn project management skills and stick to the charter
  • Public writing skills