Project Charter

DH 101 2015: Project Charter Draft

Emily Cook, Kimi Kennedy, Brandon Howes


Goal: Create a timeline of Tom Carter’s contacts during his time as editor of Shenandoah and interpret their influence on Shenandoah.



  • Make a DH project using the letters between Tom Carter and Ezra Pound, and old copies of Shenandoah.
  • Each group member fully learns how to use whatever technology we choose to help us accomplish this goal.
  • Actively learn from the process and have a positive attitude about what we are learning
  • Create a deliverable that will be useful to the W&L community in the future
  • Defining and completing a specific, feasible goal
  • Completing all assigned blog posts



  • Maintain a Googledoc to manage responsibilities
  • Clearly delegate equal tasks to each group member
  • Speak up and share ideas; or communicate about which tasks you are interested in
  • When in doubt, ask a group member first then the Professors
  • Speak up if you can’t complete something or are having a hard time



  • Do the work you are assigned to do
  • Have a weekly to-do list with agreed-upon responsibilities and tasks


Differences of Opinion

  • Respect other peoples’ opinions
  • Realize that other people will have different opinions than you
  • Majority rules
  • Appeal to authority if everyone disagrees



  • Learn new technical skills
  • Learn project management skills and stick to the charter
  • Public writing skills